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Thermal Imaging:


What is Thermal Imaging (Thermography)?

Using a specialist infrared camera it is possible to see patterns of heat loss invisible to the naked eye. It allows the user to visualise and measure energy and heat loss through the fabric of a building. Different temperatures omit different radiation which is picked up as contrasting colours by the camera. This technology can be used to pinpoint heat loss through roofs, walls, windows and doors. Using a thermal Imaging survey can provide the client with professional advice to improve the performance of the building and to identify and rectify existing problems more efficiently and effectively.


Who can benefit from Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging is of use to contractors, architects and building owners. It is used to assess the quality of construction details and to identify existing problems. If used on behalf of a property owner it can lead to reduced energy bills and improved thermal comfort.


Why use Thermal Imaging?

Thermal Imaging can highlight:


  • Poor or missing insulation

  • Air Leakage, which results in unwanted heat loss.(EG poor seals to windows)

  • Lack of air movement, this can result in condensation and mould growth

  • Leaks. Thermal Imaging can isolate and identify moisture intrusion invisible to the naked eye.

Prices range from €120-€160. You can include Thermal Imaging when getting a quote for a BER on our 'Get a Quote' page.

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